'Fly In/Fly Out' Service Fuels Perth Airport

Global demand for Western Australia’s mineral and energy deposits puts the airport in the right spot to cater to regional aviation.

  • Significantly expand the International Terminal, including facilities for A380 aircraft.
  • Add a shared domestic/international pier to the International Terminal. The pier will allow airlines to swing aircraft between domestic and international markets.
  • Provide more aircraft parking and taxiways.
  • Invest in roads and parking to provide better access to and from the airport.

In addition, PER runs practically around the clock. Although PER operates under restrictions on the use of certain runways at night, a large proportion of PER’s domestic and international air services occur during the night due to PER’s location relative to the East Coast of Australia, as well as important overseas markets.

Many of PER’s international services, for example, must connect to other services into Europe via hub airports in Asia and the Middle East.

The improvements are expected to take three years to complete. Perth will feel a lot less isolated and more mainstream in the years ahead.


About the author: Steve Bowman heads a new media company producing online training products for the aviation and transportation industry. For more information, log on to sbowman@bigpond.net.au.

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