An Emphasis on Education

At services Expo, line service supervisor training, safety are center stage

“Training and education in general are key attendance influencers, now more than ever. Attendees need a more compelling reason to spend money attending shows. Part of our mission moving forward is to expand the education offerings for each segment of this diverse audience and perhaps even develop customized training solutions as a part of the event — partnering with NATA, exhibitors, and other industry experts.”

Regarding AMTSociety, which today has some 2,700 members, Ryan says the program has been well received and will continue to play a central role in the Expo. “In regards to AMTSociety, it certainly is Cygnus’ intent to develop a full head of steam with that organization,” she explains. “We see this as a tremendous opportunity to rebuild relationships with the maintenance-related OEMs that left the show (as a result of a declining PAMA) and deliver more directors of maintenance with greater purchasing authority (through our corporate members) to the show floor.”

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