Optimizing Communication

Officials at Akron-Canton reach new customers via the Web’s social sphere

AB: One of the newest forms of social media is Twitter. How does Akron-Canton communicate using this platform?

VanAuken: We are posting a ‘Tweet’ usually four times per day. We use it to promote our airline partners by sending Tweets out when there are fare sales, and we also post that content to our Facebook page in an effort to keep our online customer base better informed.

What we really use it for is monitoring. A lot of people are posting content to their Twitter accounts from the airport. Whether any airport likes it or not, their customers are Twittering about them. So we want to monitor that; we want to know what people are saying about the airport and we want to know if our customers had a good experience here. It is a great feedback tool for us. We can also monitor what’s going on at our competing airports, and like-sized airports.

AB: How does the airport plan to move forward with its social media efforts?

VanAuken: The one group that we are specifically speaking to with our social media efforts are the “young upscale actives.” That’s a specific demographic target for us. They are 25-45, typically having no children, are college-educated, have a high household income, and they index very well for travel.

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