A Desire to Move Forward

At San Antonio, redeveloping the terminal complex, customer service top the agenda

“I really look at it as an air service issue, and a way for the airport to maybe generate a little extra money for itself. I’ve had discussions with the airlines where I’ve told them I was in favor of doing ground handling.

“I want to look at it so that at the very least it’s break-even, with the ultimate goal of creating a positive cash flow. I think the airport has a responsibility to look at ways to continue to drive down the costs to the airlines.

“We need to start looking at what makes sense for us to provide? On the ground handling aspect, is it a way to speed up bags getting to the concourse while making it cheaper for the airlines? If you look at the European model, that’s done all the time. Are there ways that we can start to address customer service issues but at a cost that is attractive to the airlines?”

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