An Example of Leadership

The 2009 Ground Support Leaders of the Year awards ceremony recognized six recipients for contributions to the industry.

“One wonders whether [the Lifetime Achievement Award] is for achievement or survival,” he adds.

As challenging as a lifetime in the industry has proven at times, Foster says his fondest memories are with his “old buddies” in the industry. “People who worked in this industry, I think, had good values, and they gave me an opportunity to grow my business and establish long-term business and personal relationships,” he says. “It’s been good to me.”

Foster, who will be turning 78 in July, says he plans to continue his work in the industry, still relishing the thrill of closing a deal. “I don’t have any immediate plans,” he says. “I enjoy it. Every once in a while I get involved in working on a lease deal. I still find a good deal of excitement about it. Working on a lease or rental arrangement is still fun.”

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