Living in Interesting Times

The famous Chinese curse — may you live in interesting times — may in fact be nothing more than a 20th Century English invention, but South African ground handling companies understand the sentiment.

For its part, ACSA will certainly be keeping their eye on how operations develop. Rishi Thakurdin, group manager, Safety, Legal & Compliance, ACSA, believes ground handling services are an integral part of an airport’s business and any failure would have a substantial impact on its reputation.
ACSA accordingly has a very strict service level agreement with its handling companies, fashioned after a thorough survey of worldwide trends. “We have a quality management system in place, which tracks not only service delivery, but also the softer aspects of client services and customer care,” he says.
“Our ground handling service providers are under pressure to perform, failing which they are penalized and could lose their right to operate at our airports,” he adds.
It seems there will be no let-up in the South African ground support market. From intense scrutiny to the world’s biggest event via fierce competition, the handling companies have plenty of challenges — and plenty of opportunities — to keep them busy. Interesting times, indeed.

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