Editor's Note

This year was my first visit to the EAA AirVenture show that is held annually in Oshkosh, Wis. The show featured numerous and varied aircraft on display and was also host to such events as the first public demo flight of Virgin Galactic’s WhiteKnight2 and the arrival of the Airbus A380.

But apart from the impressive aircraft and attractions at the show, what struck me was the sheer enthusiasm for aviation. The crowd was rife with excitement as they viewed the various innovations and attractions on display. All political and financial considerations aside, that passion has remained unchanged. There are many people that simply love aviation and have committed themselves to improving the industry. The show for me was yet another affirmation of that.

And in the spirit of supporting the industry, I would like to turn your attention to our 2009-2010 August directory issue of Ground Support Worldwide. It’s been created with the needs of our readers in mind. In these pages, you will find a listing of companies that can supply you with the products and services needed to improve your operations.

And beyond these pages, you can find additional company information and product listings on our Buyer’s Guide, which can be found through our homepage at www.groundsupportworldwide.com. Recently, we launched a redesigned Buyer’s Guide on our Web site. We have taken our comprehensive directory and repackaged it to better present ground support products and services, while offering more user-friendly features.

The online version is continuously updated with new company and product listings throughout the year, so please pay us a visit.