Publisher's Note: A View from Munich

For the month of October, I found myself living out of my suitcase more than I did my own closet. Trade show season was upon us and the outlook from the floor, for the most part, was positive.

I started the month in Munich at inter airport. It was a new venue this year, which got mixed reviews. But the weather was unusually warm, and it was a wonderful time to be in Munich. I met a lot of wonderful people from all parts of the aviation industry. One thing that is never lacking in GSE is conversation, and I even learned a little German — just don’t ask me to speak it. It was refreshing to hear all the positive comments at the show — and I don’t think it was just the great German beer that we were drinking that helped make the comments positive.

Moving into 2010, more than ever, do I feel that we as an industry will overcome these hardships that we are facing on a global scale. The ground support industry is so dedicated, and I learned from conversation after converstation the true love of the GSE community that exists. It will give this industry the strength to reinvent itself again and again.

Prosit, Missy