Turbine Technology: Brazing Repair

For CF6-80 gas turbine engine HPT shroud support

Classification of major and minor repair

  • FAA classification
    According to definition of major/minor repair at 14 CFR Part 1.1 and other sections in CFR, a table is created for the classification of major/minor repair. See Table 1. In this repair, brazing and heat treatment processes is neither elementary operation nor included in accepted practices, thus the repair is considered major repair and FAA DER approval is required.

    Although the FAA and EASA have similar definitions for what constitutes major and minor repairs, the requirement for acceptable or approved data is quite different.

    For a major repair, FAA requires that an operator use approved data from the FAA or FAA designee: designated engineering representative (DER) or authorized representative (AR). EASA requires that technical data must be approved by EASA or EASA design organization approval (DOA).

    For a minor repair, FAA requires that an operator use acceptable data from the operator or type certificate (TC)/supplemental type certificate (STC) holder such as OEM drawings and specifications. In the United States, all operators have authority to use acceptable repair data for minor repairs without additional FAA approval. EASA regulations require approved data for both minor and major classifications of airplane repairs. This policy is in contrast to the FAA system that requires approved data for major repairs only. Approved data herein include approved data by EASA or EASA DOA or acceptable data from the TC/STC holder or third party.

  • FAA compliance review
    The repair design shall be reviewed to ensure that it complies with FAA Federal Aviation Regulation Part 33 Airworthiness Standards: Aircraft Engines. See FAA regulation compliance review in Table 3.

Brazing repair for CF6-80 gas turbine engine HPT shroud support is approved by both FAA and EASA and is being used in repair shops. Customers benefit from this cost-effective repair project. AMT

William Hui Ma is a senior repair engineer working in Canada.

References: CF6-80C2 Engine Shop Manual, revision 67, Dec. 1, 2007

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