Publisher's Sign-Off: Rotor Report

Fresh from the Heli-Expo 2010, I bring good news from the rotor market! If the increased number of exhibits this year wasn’t enough to tell you things are looking good, the reports from Sikorsky, Eurocopter, and Rolls-Royce surely show signs of improvement and stabilization. Aircraft backlogs are no longer shrinking and in some cases are growing again. Used helicopter forecasts suggest prices are nearing the market bottom and now is the time to purchase; that being said it seems aircraft are staying on the market much longer than previous years. One used rotorcraft dealer told us a used chopper now has an average resale listing of 200 days. Overall the Heli-Expo was a great show with attendance within 1 to 3 percent of 2009. These are the positive signs the aviation market is looking for, remember that when you’re watching the evening news and reading the WSJ.

Congratulations to Robert Peterson, consultant, Columbia Helicopters, who has won the 2010 Rolls-Royce Excellence in Helicopter Maintenance award. Peterson was hydraulic shop chief at Columbia and this has earned him the nickname of “chief trouble shooter.” He has been instrumental in developing various techniques to purify hydraulic fluid and increase flight hours. Peterson also developed new seals for upper boost actuators and lag dampers. As a result, Columbia’s Model 234 helicopter field crews are able to predict when hydraulic manifolds and pumps are going to fail.

By the time you are reading this the AMT team will be at the Aviation Industry Expo covering the Maintenance Skills Competition and other AMTSociety events. If you are in Vegas be sure to stop out and see the action!

If you can’t join us in Vegas this year be sure to check out for all of the latest IA Renewal Roadshow series locations. The next IA renewal event will be held March 24 in Colorado.

Thanks for reading!

Jon Jezo