Cover: Airframe Technology: Corrosion Control

From an OEM's perspective

Composite materials are also being evaluated as a possible remedy for the corrosion and aging issues associated with aluminum aircraft. Composites are not subject to corrosion in the same way that metallic structures are. However, if a metal is being used as a component of a composite material, corrosion could still occur. Therefore, careful considerations and insulation of metal components is a must during the design/development of composite assemblies containing metal.

In addition to its own corrosion-control efforts, Gulfstream relies on operators to share their knowledge of corrosion. The company has formed a number of teams, including a basic maintainability group, a safety review team, and a customer advisory board, to provide feedback on a host of topics, including corrosion.

When it comes to preventing corrosion, an aviation company’s work is never done.

Fred Karst is director of Service Engineering at Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, Savannah, GA.

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