Turbine Technology: Crosspointe

The aerospace industrial center of the future

The Crosspointe campus will accommodate CCAM, a partnership founded by the Commonwealth of Virginia, the University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, Rolls-Royce, and other partners. The vision for CCAM is to become a world-class research facility delivering new technologies in design and manufacturing.

University programs will include internships, faculty sabbaticals, visiting faculty, sponsored research, lab renovations, chaired professorships, and graduate student support. Rolls-Royce will be directing funds to the universities so additional faculty can be added. CCAM is also looking for federal grants and additional partners to fund the research.

Two levels of membership will be available, tier one is Rolls-Royce and other tier one suppliers, level two will encompass the tier two supply network.

In addition, the Commonwealth Center for Aerospace Propulsion Systems (CCAPS), a virtual research and technology center of excellence established by the same partners, creates a framework in which to approach the technology needs of tomorrow. Crosspointe is the second such university center in the United States, Purdue was the first.

Workforce development
Rolls-Royce envisions needing as many as 500 skilled workers for its manufacturing plants. Two-year training programs will be developed so that Rolls-Royce will have the workforce it needs. The advanced machine tools and other devices used to make jet engines will require a sophisticated work force.

Community college students in the Richmond area will use the factory and the CCAM to provide two-year associate engineering degrees.

John Tyler Community College, a two-year college, will develop a manufacturing certificate along with an associate degree. With locations in Chester, Midlothian, and Richmond, VA, it will enable direct exposure to company training and internships to grow the future work force.

A plan and the partnerships to make it happen: a new center for the aerospace industry.

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