Online Exclusive: Industry Viewpoint: Things to Know About MROs

It’s all very simple; just focus efforts on one aircraft and the customer’s expectations.

Personnel issues related to sub standard work should be deferred to the MROs’ management. Do not try to resolve these issues on your own. The activity and culture in a repair station environment is complex and easy to misread. Always maintain your professional bearing in these circumstances. If a mechanic is treated with any perceived disrespect, it will spread to the crew and could have an impact on quality and production. Think of it as getting involved in a domestic disturbance — don’t.

Third-party vendors do a pretty good job but like all organizations they require oversight and sometimes a little mentoring. After all, they are there to service an aircraft that in all truth the operator is expert. Therefore they must carry out the operator’s program requirements under demanding expectations. The key is to show up on the aircraft each day; remain vigilant of the daily performance and team up with the MRO to assure that things stay on track with the highest standards in mind.

Vern Berry is an experienced maintenance professional. Based in New York, he can be reached at

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