AMTSociety Mx Logs Update

State of AMTSociety Address AMTSociety did the aviation world proud the week of March 15 - 18, 2010. It started with the golf outing on March 15 for the scholarship program. The golf course Rio Secco Golf Club, one of the top three courses in the Las...

Time was used to determine who is awarded a first, second, or third place plaque in each category and the competition was tight! There was no runaway winner in any category and in fact the difference between first and second in the MRO/OEM category was determined by one and a half minutes! A lot of the events had tied scores and some events even had scores that reduced a team’s overall score! Some events had scores that might not ever be tied or broken, such as in the case of the Turbine Engine event where a full team of AMT/AMEs had to remove and reinstall a JT8D Engine’s hydraulic pump and N1 Tach. Generator. This event’s top time belonged to American Airlines Team American with an outstanding time of just 19 minutes and 41 seconds. The closest team was over 14 minutes away! (Each of these AMTs received a boroscope set from Snap-on.) Each of the teams in all five categories were within minutes of the teams in front and behind them in the standings. The difference between the standings in each category actually came down to particular events. That’s why there are 11 events to compete in. The level of competition was the highest this year thanks to the number of teams who wished to come and show their stuff!

Each of the 25 teams that competed are the epitome of the true “Faces Behind Safety” in aircraft maintenance. This year’s MSC also stands out compared to the past competitions by the sheer volume of prizes to be won. Thanks to Snap-on Tools, every AMT/AME and judges for all of the events received a Snap-on reversible, ratcheting screwdriver with the AMTSociety logo and “MSC 2010 Las Vegas” written on the handle. Snap-on also provided six-piece screwdriver sets, ¼- and 3/8-inch drive shallow socket sets and ratchets, ratcheting box/open end combination wrench sets, and even boroscopes!

Other tools awarded were provided by Kennedy Tool Boxes, Pratt & Whitney, Pro Tech Technologies, S & K Hand Tools, DeWALT, and Timberland Boots.

Besides the five different categories to be competed in, there was also the William F. O’Brien Award for Excellence in Aircraft Maintenance which went to the one team out of the 25 that competed that had the lowest overall score. And this year’s William F. O’Brien award recipient was Southwest Airlines!

AMTSociety was honored to have once again Carol Giles, manager, Aircraft Maintenance, FAA, as the presenter of the first, second, and third place plaques for all of the categories.

AMTSociety also had the pleasure of having Marie O’Brien present the William F. O’Brien Award which was named after her husband.

A few minutes and seconds sure makes a difference in the world of aircraft maintenance in AMTSociety’s MSC. And since it takes me roughly a year to organize each year’s MSC, with the help of AMTSociety’s Executive Director and Directors, I will sign off now and get ready to arrange an even bigger and better MSC for 2011. But before I go I wish to thank the following teams for letting the public see and understand what a true AMT/AME does 24/7, 365 days a year in all types of weather conditions around the world.
— Kenneth MacTiernan, AMTSociety Director/Chairman MSC

Commercial Category
Southwest Airlines, 1st place
Continental Airlines Team CLE, 2nd place
American Airlines Team Tech., 3rd place
American Airlines Team American
American Eagle
Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association
TWU Local 565
FedEx Team #1
FedEx Team #2

MRO/OEM Category
Continental Airlines Base Team, 1st place
American Airlines Base Team, 2nd place
Lode (From Beijing, China), 3rd place
General Aviation Category
Redstone College Colorado, 1st place
General Dynamics, 2nd place
Note: Only two teams competed in this category.

School Category
Aviation Institute of Maintenance Team Atlanta, 1st place
Aviation Institute of Maintenance Team USA,
2nd place
Crimson Technical College, 3rd place
Aviation Institute of Maintenance Team America
Aviation Institute of Maintenance Team Texas

Military Category
U.S. Air Force Team McChord, 1st place
U.S. Navy Team Blue, 2nd place
U.S. Navy Team Gold, 3rd place
U.S. Coast Guard
U.S. Air Force Team McGuire
U.S. Air Force Team Dyess

Corporate sponsor: Cessna
In 1972, Cessna introduced Citation business jets and an entirely different business model to support them. It established the first service centers dedicated to working exclusively on one manufacturer’s models. And through the years, other competitors have emulated the concept.

Today, Cessna’s nine strategically located and company-owned Citation Service Centers in the United States and Europe set the industry standard. They perform all inspection, maintenance, and service requirements for the entire Citation fleet. The range of maintenance includes all avionics upgrades, complete interior refurbishments, phase inspections, pre-buy inspections, aftermarket installations, and paint requirements.

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