Honeywell TFE731-50R to Power Hawker 800XPR

GENEVA, May 4 - EBACE -- Honeywell announced today that its TFE731-50R turbofan engine will power the Hawker Beechcraft aftermarket retrofit Hawker 800XPR.

In its Hawker 800XPR configuration, the installed engine will deliver 4,660 pounds of thrust.

"The TFE731-50R is certified to 5,000 pounds of thrust and has significantly improved temperature margin, giving our customers an engine with incredible durability, reliability and reduced cost of ownership," said Rob Wilson, president, Business and General Aviation, Honeywell Aerospace. "Coupled with reduced thrust-specific fuel consumption at cruise and improved climb thrust, the -50R will deliver the performance and reliability that customers of the Hawker 800XPR program want. The engine is delivering mature levels of reliability for Hawker operators."

"Honeywell is honored to have been selected to provide the TFE731-50R for this new program, and with a scaled wide chord damperless fan, the engine will deliver 7 percent range improvements for ISA-day takeoffs," Wilson said. "The -50R will yield up to a 24 percent range improvement for 'hot and high' takeoff, while delivering lower operating costs."

The TFE731-50R utilizes an N1 Digital Electronic Engine Control with hydromechanical backup, single-crystal blade material in the high-pressure and first stage low-pressure turbines as well as improved vane and blade cooling effectiveness. Other engine enhancements include durability improvements in the compressor that extend engine life and reduce maintenance costs.

The TFE731-50R engine is the latest evolution of the TFE731 family of engines that entered service in 1972 and changed business aviation. TFE731-20/40/50/60 fleet has accumulated more than 7.6 million hours of operation with 2,951 engines in service. Honeywell's classic series TFE engine family, the TFE731-2/3/4 and 5 series engines have accumulated more than 73 million hours of operation with more than 9,100 engines in service.

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Honeywell's aerospace business is a leading global provider of integrated avionics, engines, systems and service solutions for aircraft manufacturers, airlines, business and general aviation, military, space and airport operations.