AMTSociety MX Logs Update

State of AMTSociety Address
Well folks, by the time you are reading this another AMT Day will be before us. This is a very special day for all AMTs because it singles out one day whereby the entire industry can stop and recognize the men and women who are the faces behind safety in aircraft maintenance. Having May 24 as AMT Day also helps our profession to spread the word about aviation's original "unsung hero," Charles E. Taylor.

Around the globe, on every type of aircraft — balloon, helicopter, spacecraft, or anything in between, in every type of weather environment from bone chilling cold to brow burning heat, there is a dedicated professional using knowledge, skill, and integrity to properly maintain their respective equipment in a safe and airworthy condition. May 24 is their day. Currently there are 52 AMT Day resolutions passed with Alabama and South Carolina the most recent additions to this number.

Celebrations across the country will be held from the big to the small. Country and western bands, barbeques, pizza for all shifts, awards, and prizes will be donated and given away to help make May 24 memorable. Each year AMT Day grow larger and larger, with more companies taking this day to say thank you to these men and women.

Thanks to Richard Dilbeck, aka Dilly, an FAA inspector from the Sacramento FSDO, for creating the idea of AMT Day and having California become the first state to pass an AMT Day resolution. Kenneth C. MacTiernan, myself, and others have worked for more than 10 years to help get all the states to pass this resolution. I would add that if your company is planning on celebrating AMT Day please let us know. Take pictures and send them to us. We would like to have them on our web sites. If your company has not heard about AMT Day, tell them!

AMTSociety was created to promote the craft and profession of today's skilled AMT. With our chapters, IA renewal consortium seminars, Maintenance Skills Competition, golf tournament, scholarship program for Charles E. Taylor and William F. "Bill" O'Brien, and the Passing the Wrench program, along with the leadership of more than 400 years combined experience with our board of directors, AMTSociety is growing daily.

One other extremely integral part of AMTSociety is our company sponsors. The list of companies supporting AMTSociety is a virtual who's who of the leaders in the aircraft maintenance community. We are proud to recognize these outstanding companies on our web site, at our programs, and in this magazine. These company sponsors help provide the support and structure necessary for our craft to function. By becoming sponsors, these companies are able to reach a wider range of customers and a broader spectrum of AMTs. The potential for becoming a sponsor is rewarding and helps build not only a stronger AMTSociety, but also a stronger profession. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor please contact me. We would love to have you join.

Until next time. Be safe. — Tom Hendershot