AMTSociety Mx Logs Update

Training is one of the corner stones for AMTSociety, it has been a requirement since time began for nearly everything we do, and understandably so. In addition to the monthly pocket calendar the FAA has made available to all aviation maintenance technicians, there is the FAA Personal Minimums Checklist Before and After. I can guarantee all of you if you use this handy little guide you will never have a problem with your work and it is also good for training.

There is an old saying in aviation, “Learn from the mistakes of others, because you won’t live long enough to make all of them yourself.” I don’t know about you but I would rather have someone learn from excellent performance than my fatal mistake. All of us can learn to be better technicians, whether from others or through our own initiative. Never compromise your integrity or professionalism. Perform a self-assessment to determine if you are falling into the trap of the Dirty Dozen human factors errors. The career or the life that you save might be your own.

Never forget that many people, some whom you don’t even know, rely on you to perform the very best maintenance in the world. How can you do an effective assessment of your work? Use the Maintenance Personal Minimums Checklist shown at left.

It is a list of 10 questions you ask yourself and honestly answer before you do a task and after you finish. Do you use it? If you don’t, then start now. If you do, then continue to do so and encourage your fellow workers to use it.

Ask the FAASTeam manager in your area for the Personal Minimums Checklist to fit your needs. There is a small card for your wallet or ID badge, there is a large one for your toolbox, and a larger one to hang on the wall as a reminder to all.

On another note I would like to thank Michael Molzahn for his contribution to the scholarship program. He is the first member to do so, and Mike also attended six different IA consortium road shows in 2009-2010.

We have had two more toolboxes donated to the Passing the Wrench Program (see news item on AMTonline for more information) and on May 24 I received a request for information from one of our members seeking information on how to leave his toolbox in his will for AMTSociety to use as we see fit.

Until next time, stay safe.
— Tom Hendershot

Added scholarship

On April 15, the AMTSociety Board of Directors voted unanimously to add an additional scholarship to the existing two. It will be known as the Thomas “Tom” E. Hendershot Scholarship Award. All three of the scholarships will be worth $1,500 each.