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Liability insurance

The Aeronautical Repair Station Association (ARSA) and Polaris Enterprise Group have developed a new insurance option for the aviation maintenance industry. Aviation Alliance Insurance Risk Retention Group Inc. (AAIRRG), which ARSA and Polaris have established, will provide liability insurance exclusively to repair stations which are ARSA members. AAIRRG differs from an ordinary insurance company in that it functions as a risk retention group (RRG). An RRG consists of independent companies that assemble to create and fund a licensed captive insurance company. Each insured member is an owner of the RRG and receives shares and is eligible for financial distributions from potential underwriting profits. More information is available at

Engine run course

Global Jet Services Inc. now offers an online maintenance training course: the G550 Engine Run. The course contains a walk around using a real G550. Interactive instruments, panels, consoles, and controls allow you to press buttons, flip switches, and pull handles, and the cutting-edge graphics and simulations provide the experience of being in the cockpit.

A special section of practical exercises introduces the technician to three common emergency procedures. These procedures can be practiced in timed scenarios until they become second nature, contributing to the safe operation of these tests when performed on an actual aircraft. To learn more visit

Bearing repair services

Sikorsky Helitech, a company based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, has a distribution agreement with The Timken Company for bearing inspection, overhaul and reconditioning services throughout the Australasian region. Providing aftermarket support, Sikorsky Helitech will offer a seamless interface to the local and regional customer base. Sikorsky Helitech will carry an extensive inventory of bearings at its Brisbane location to facilitate and expedite regional overhauls and exchanges.

Engine overhaul services

Vector Aerospace Corp. has been awarded a customer contract for overhaul and repair services on the Rolls-Royce (RR) T56 engine and associated major assemblies in the Middle East-North African (MENA) region. As per the terms of the agreement, Vector will provide comprehensive T56 engine repair and overhaul support (including complete test procedures) for a fleet of Lockheed C-130H aircraft; with estimated total revenues of approximately $30 million over three years.

Master Mechanic Award

The FAA has awarded the Charles Taylor “Master Mechanic” Award to Terry R. Robe, president of Airline Component Parts Inc., a certified FAA repair station in Euless, TX. Robe has worked as a maintenance professional in the commercial airline industry at Southwest Airlines, Continental Airlines, Trans World Airlines (TWA), and Texas International Airlines. Since 1993, he has owned and operated the FAA repair station, Airline Component Parts Inc.

FAA goes green

The FAA has awarded $125 million in contracts to develop and demonstrate technologies that will reduce commercial jet fuel consumption, emissions, and noise. The contracts are part of the FAA’s Continuous Lower Energy, Emissions and Noise (CLEEN) program — to speed the introduction of “green” technology into aviation. The FAA is contracting with Boeing, General Electric, Honeywell, Pratt & Whitney, and Rolls-Royce-North America.

The five companies will research sustainable alternative aviation fuels; lighter and more efficient gas turbine engine components; noise-reducing engine nozzles; advanced wing trailing edges; optimized flight trajectories using onboard flight management systems; and open rotor and geared turbofan engines. The goals of these research and demonstration efforts include: a reduction in fuel burn by 33 percent; a reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions by 60 percent; and a reduction in cumulative aircraft noise levels by 32 decibels. The five contracts are expected to total $125 million over the five-year span of the program.

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