What it Takes to Be An A&P Instructor

Students from the Stratford School for Aviation Maintenance Technicians describe their mentor.

During his career, Dave has earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Aeronautical Technical Education and Management, Masters Degree in Business Management, FAA Commercial Pilot Licenses for Single Engine, Multi Engine Aircraft and Helicopter Commercial Pilot License. David started the first in house A&P School in the industry while employed at Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation. He is also an Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic and currently exercises the privileges of FAA Designated Mechanic Examiner. His constant effort to share his knowledge and experience with all of us has been instrumental in the development of our careers. Dave also runs his own school; the Aircraft Mechanics Training Center located in Bethlehem, CT. He currently runs this school to help those who have accumulated the required on the job training hours necessary with preparing them for testing and obtaining their A&P licenses. Also, the AMTC offers job-specific training to meet the needs of part 145 Repair Stations. Most of the students currently attending are employees of Pratt & Whitney but he is currently working on making this school a Part 147 venture, and is aiming to open as such sometime this year. For more information, visit AMTC online at www.aircraftmtc.com or call (203) 993-0150. We all look forward to Dave having the opportunity to teach many more of us interested in becoming technicians in this field.

But why does Dave spend all of this time and money just to teach us? Because, he tells us, he just wants to give back to aviation a fraction of what it has given to him. Well, it is our belief that he should receive just a small token of our appreciation. It means a lot to us all to see that “Mr. C” can be recognized by the aviation community for his efforts and for the positive impact he has had on all of us. It is because of people like Dave that many of us do what we do, and he truly deserves our acknowledgement and heartfelt thanks.

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