Maintenance Software

When selecting a system, assess your needs and seek providers who can meet them. Plan for growth by selecting software that will be able to grow with you.

Brand Name: Sentinel

Sentinel offers AD research and compliance reports, and maintenance manuals. Sentinel includes online updates. It provides fast, quick and accurate research on ADs and associated service bulletins. Avantext provides sales support after purchase. For more information call (610) 862-1054 or visit

AV-BASE Systems Inc.
Brand Name: WinAir

WinAir is a fully integrated aviation maintenance and inventory management system designed to increase operational efficiencies, reduce overall costs, and meet the varying needs of both small and large fixed and rotary wing operators. By using WinAir, maintenance professionals are able to seamlessly integrate and streamline their maintenance and inventory control processes which keeps software costs and duplicate data input at a minimum. Operators are able to create their own templates, select additional modules, and easily upgrade between editions. AV-BASE Systems includes full technical support in the price of a monthly subscription to WinAir. A client can expect to receive a prompt response to any issues logged on the online incident reporting system and have calls answered by individuals with extensive software help desk and customer support experience. There is also an option for 24/7 support if needed. For more information call (519) 691-0919 or visit

C.A.L.M. Systems Inc.
Brand Name: C.A.L.M.
(Computerized Aircraft Log Manager)

C.A.L.M. is a complete aviation maintenance software solution including: maintenance tracking, inventory, purchasing, repair orders, work orders, job costing, publications and manuals, distribution, tool control, personnel qualifications and training, CAS (Continuous Aircraft Surveillance), reliability reporting, bar coding, and other features. It is used by more than 700 aircraft operators (both fixed and rotary wing), airlines, and MROs worldwide. C.A.L.M. is a generic program which allows data input on any model aircraft, engine, part, etc. entered into the software. It is a software solution for record keeping, planning, reliability, and traceability. Full support and upgrade services are available. For more information call (847) 480-9750 or visit

Component Control
Brand Name: Quantum Control

New products and upgrades include Oracle/Max-Q and Having the parts you need, when you need them is key to maintaining efficiency and staying competitive in today’s market. Technical support, training, implementation, and development are all in the same facility to provide support at any level. For more information call (619) 696-5400 or visit or

Continuum Applied Technology Inc.
Brand Name: CORRIDOR Aviation Service Software

CORRIDOR is an enterprise software solution designed to manage shop operations for aviation service providers. It is a comprehensive system with a modular structure providing a customizable and flexible solution. Modules include: Work Order Quote & Work Order; Inventory; Line Sales, Quoting & Management; Rotable Management; Accounting Integration; Maintenance Records Integration; Administrative; Regulatory Compliance; Multi-Currency for conversion of purchase and invoice transactions; Sales Order Quote & Sales Order; Procurement; and Work Paks & Canned Squawks. CORRIDOR customers are backed by a professional sales and support team to provide training, implementation support, and post go-live technical support. For more information call (512) 918-8900 or visit

Brand Name: EmpowerMX Fleetcycle Software Suite

EmpowerMX FleetCycle Software Suite consists of unique products designed to support best practices in the aircraft maintenance industry. The software consists of Production Manager, Line Manager, MRO Manager, Reliability Manager, and Maintenance Program Manager. These tools provide point-of-maintenance access, tracking, and intelligence to all registered users throughout the organization via secure internet/intranet technologies. For more information call (651) 788-8888 or visit

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