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General Aviation Awards

Many existing web sites including FSDO local sites however contain the superseded 8610-1 dated 2-78 so advising your readers of the revised form may benefit new applicants along with existing IAs during the March 2011 renewals in completing the most current 8610-1.

The 8610-1 form remains simple and easily completed (self-explanatory) but better suited to the two-year process for renewal along with an endorsement block “signature and date” to accommodate the initial applicants authorization to test VS utilizing the remarks section as previously was necessary for showing date and ASI signature authority (

Fume control regulation awareness

Lincoln Electric has introduced phase 2.0 of its “Are You Ready?” fume control regulation awareness campaign. The campaign and its supporting materials are designed to aid fabricators in understanding the effects and requirements associated with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Metal Fabrication Hazardous Air Pollutants (MFHAP) and National Emissions Standard for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) regulation.

The new regulations, scheduled to take effect July 25, 2011, will require metal fabricators to reduce air emissions of metal compounds such as chromium, lead, manganese and nickel from nine metal fabrication and finishing source categories that affect welders and fabricators. These compounds can pose health risks to workers overexposed to fumes, which are emitted from various operations at metal fabrication and finishing plants.

The web site,, serves as a resource for those seeking more information. Links are provided to a number of documents, and an interactive flow chart guides users through the welding operations portion of the EPA rule as it applies to their specific welding applications. A handy glossary of terms associated with the regulations is also included.

New manual and training for aircraft landing wheel bearings

For aircraft overhaul shops, Timken is now offering its Aircraft Landing Wheel Bearing Maintenance Manual, which details standardized aircraft landing wheel bearings inspection and maintenance procedures. The manual draws on the knowledge Timken engineers have collected throughout the company’s more than 75 years of experience serving the industry.

The manual is included in Timken’s new training designed for the overhaul shops that handle landing wheel bearings. Training includes a review of shop procedures with hands-on instruction about best practices ranging from bearing removal, cleaning and inspection through lubrication, installation, setting/adjustment, and storage areas. Due to the specialized nature of this training, there is a limit of 20 students per session. Interested operators can send an email to to set up a training class or visit to order a manual.

Cygnus Aviation

Cygnus Business Media announces the formation of Cygnus Aviation which will create a new architecture for its aviation properties including Aircraft Maintenance Technology, Airport Business, Ground Support Worldwide, Aviation Industry Expo, and AMTSociety. Patrick Nadler is the newly appointed executive vice president of aviation, Charla Sheffield vice president of marketing, John Infanger vice president of content, and Rick Groth vice president of sales.

“Our new organizational architecture is structured to facilitate a line of sight directly to the customer in all aspects of our industry,” Nadler says. “While innovative, it is vital to engaging industry professionals within a rapidly evolving marketplace that will be completely transformed over the next three decades.”

Avtrak opens Mexico office

Avtrak LLC has opened an office in Toluca, Mexico, in support of its expanding Mexican and Latin American markets. The office is located in the EOLO PLUS, S.A. de C.V. facility on Toluca Airport. The Avtrak staff located in the Toluca office will be managed by Andrew G. Douglas, international sales and support manager. Headquartered in Littleton, CO, Avtrak has offices in Wichita, KS, and Lowell, MA.

Garmin to open tech center in Salem, OR

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