Lead-based Paint Abatement

Consultant shares an alternative approach implemented at Newark Liberty

The pilot project at EWR which was completed in December 2009 involving the six fuel tanks described above indicates that a two-man lead abatement crew can remove up to 500 square feet of lead-based paint per day resulting in a 369,000 gallon tank (40 feet high x 12 feet wide) being abated and repainted in ten working days.

With two lifts and two crews, a tank could be abated in five working days. This is a great improvement over the previous approach which used a four-man abatement crew up to a month per tank for spot abatement only, rather than total abatement. A test is being conducted to determine the feasibility of connecting the scaffolding system to the steel tank using a system of cam-actuated permanent magnets. This would remove the requirement to install stainless steel cleats on each tank and allow for a quicker and more cost-effective installation of the work platform system to each tank.

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