Keep Pushing the Envelope

For decades a quiet GA airport, Denton has been redefined, and is being redefined again

The airport currently has the North American center for Piaggio aircraft. The Italian manufacturer sends its green aircraft here to be completed for delivery via the Jet Works Air Center. The latter is the sister company of Business Air, a full-service fixed base operation. The U.S. Aviation Group is in the process of constructing the second full-service FBO on the airfield.

Despite the economic slowdown of the past two years, Denton is forging ahead. Says Hix, “Unquestionably, the soft economy has probably kept some major aviation industry from making moves. That’s simply given us an opportunity to revise our business plan, which we’re in the process of doing. We work very closely with the economic development group locally.

“In the immediate plans we plan to build an access road around the south up to the west side, so we can begin development. We’ll have access that we can promote. The parallel runway, while the actual design has not been finally determined, can be either a parallel runway with minimum separation … or we can move it out to the perimeter and develop between the two runways. We’ve got all of our options open to us at this point.”

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