Tech Bytes

Common use
• Cupps Standard. SITA is now the first platform provider to be certified as being compliant with CUPPS version 1.01 since IATA published the first CUPPS Technical Specification in November 2009. CUPPS version 1.01 is the first released version of the CUPPS Technical Specification under IATA Recommended Practice 1797 and will gradually replace the CUTE (Common Use Terminal Equipment) check-in and boarding standard.

Facility Technology
• Video Wall Mount. A new digital signage mount specifically for airports has recently been introduced by Peerless Industries. The DSVW-760 is a video wall mount featuring eight-way no-tool adjustment and prop-open servicing. The mount is designed to support any display configuration from 2x2, 3x2, 4x4 and beyond with custom spacers, eliminating the need for guesswork. Each screen is fully adjustable and can be positioned at eight different points;

Flight Tracking
• Digital Signage. FlightView announces the industry’s first digital signage that merges the latest flight and weather data with targeted advertising. Clear Channel Airports, an airport advertising marketing firm, is FlightView’s strategic partner in the new roll-out. The digital signage, which is constantly streaming the latest flight and weather information, launched at Tucson International Airport (TUS) in March;

• Wireless Security. Matrix Systems and Clearsite Communications have partnered to provide wireless access control options for value-engineering remote outdoor security at aviation and other commercial sites with expansive acreage. The partnership enables Matrix to provide wireless access control and video surveillance, as well as a video analytics platform. The two companies collaborated on custom serial interface software for Clearsite’s new R42 Series of wireless mesh equipment that now communicates seamlessly within a fully-encrypted, secure architecture of any Matrix site server. The newly-integrated technologies’ debut saved Valdosta (GA)Regional Airport tens of thousands of dollars as an alternative to hard-wiring remote outdoor areas during the facility’s recent security retrofit, according to a press release;

• Video Surveillance. DVTel, Inc. announces that Mineta San José International Airport has upgraded its security system to a DVTel intelligent Security Operations Center (iSOC), a completely IP-based video surveillance solution. The airport had been using an analog video surveillance solution. In the interest of utilizing parts of the system that were still operational, it successfully migrated to the DVTel iSOC platform. Over 150 existing analog cameras were successfully brought on-line in less than three days, according to DVTel, Inc.;

• Digital Security. Myrtle Beach International Airport has upgraded its legacy analog security system to AMAG Technology’s digital Symmetry Enterprise Security Management System, featuring intelligent field hardware and smart card readers. Myrtle Beach also installed Threat Level Manager which provides a simple way to change the security level of the airport, in accordance with the current threat level issued by the Office of Homeland Security.
The airport chose the system based on scalability, ease of use and operation, and a lower cost of maintaining the system, according to an airport official;

Wireless technology
• Ready Broadband. Ready Wireless, LLC announces nationwide availability of Ready Broadband mobile Internet connectivity products in Techshowcase/Airport Wireless retail locations in 18 airports across the United States. Ready Broadband airtime plans are designed to make broadband connectivity available when and where needed without contracts or monthly bills. Plans are prepaid and require no credit check. Airport Wireless customers receive 600 megabytes with the purchase of a Ready Broadband USB connectivity device;

• Bluetooth Technology. BLIP Systems, an airport supplier of queue time monitoring and passenger tracking solutions, now provides exact information on passenger waiting times via bluetooth technology at Brussels Airport;

• iPhone Flight Tracking. Flightwise announces the availability of its flight tracking applications for the iPhone mobile platform. Available in three flavors: “Free”, “Lite”, and “Pro”, the applications provide easy-to-use, mobile versions of the same data available at the website. All three versions provide both text-based “lists” of flight data as well as graphical maps of the related tracks and airport pairs. The free version provides the ability to track aircraft by entering basic search criteria, such as a flight ID, destination or departure airport, and the ability to display all active flights around the user’s current location.