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FSS reauthorization bill back in process The U.S. Senate at last cleared its FAA reauthorization bill which, among other provisions, funds the Airport Improvement Program at $4 billion in FY 2010 and $4.1 billion in FY 2011. The legislation moves...

Where does that leave us? No wonder we need more taxes for the Aviation Trust Fund — because the aviation funds are now sitting in the Highway Fund.

Let’s bring this to the forefront of our aviation industry.

Cindy Hayden, Customer Service Manager
Million Air St. Louis, Chesterfield, MO

(Editor’s note: The National Air Transportation Assn. has been the lead trade group on getting this issue addressed, per your concerns. VP Eric Byer relates that repeal of the Fuel Fraud Provision of the 2005 Highway Bill remains a top priority for NATA. Says the association in a position statement, “In many cases, operators or fuel providers do not apply for a refund; therefore, the aviation trust fund receives no revenue from the sale of the aviation jet fuel. This policy has increased Highway Trust Fund revenues by hundreds of millions of dollars at the expense of the Airport and Airway Trust Fund.” For information, visit

Quote: Health Care
“Starting in 2010, the bill provides tax credits to small businesses that provide health care insurance to their employees. Small businesses with fewer than 50 employees will be eligible for tax credits of up to 35% of their total employee premium payments. By 2014, tax credits for small businesses will cover 50% of their premium costs. Part-time employees would be counted toward the 50-employee minimum on a pro-rated basis based on hours worked, bringing more small businesses into the group required to provide coverage.”
— Eric Byer blog;

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