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FSS reauthorization bill back in process The U.S. Senate at last cleared its FAA reauthorization bill which, among other provisions, funds the Airport Improvement Program at $4 billion in FY 2010 and $4.1 billion in FY 2011. The legislation moves...

eclipse aerospace — based at Albuquerque, NM announces that it is rolling out a new factory refurbishment program entitled “Total Eclipse” for new customers to purchase its certified twin-engine very light jet. The Total Eclipse program marks the completion of the final design of the original EA500 aircraft. Since acquisition of the company, Eclipse Aerospace has been investing in, and completing the design and certification of, the original EA500 jet, which now includes FIKI (Flight Into Known Icing) and GPS coupled autopilot.

faa — Federal Aviation Adminis-tration proposes a $1.45 million civil penalty against Northwest Airlines for operating a number of its Boeing 757 aircraft without proper windshield wiring inspections.
• FAA seeks to collect three proposed civil penalties totaling $787,500 from American Airlines for maintenance violations. FAA alleges American Airlines mechanics diagnosed problems with one of two Central Air Data Computers (CADCs) on a McDonnell Douglas MD-82 jetliner. Instead of replacing the computer, mechanics improperly deferred this maintenance under the airline’s DC-9 Minimum Equipment List (MEL) by noting that the auto-throttles were inoperative. The MEL, however, does not allow deferral of an inoperative CADC.
• At its annual Forecast Conference FAA predicts that, long term, general aviation is expected to grow by about 50,000 airplanes and 52,000 active pilots by 2030. FAA predicts the GA fleet will grow an average of 0.9 percent a year, from 229,149 aircraft in 2009 to 278,723 in 2030. Use of light- sport aircraft is expected to rise by more than 800 a year through 2013, then level to nearly 335 per year. GA hours flown are forecast to increase from 23.3 million in 2009 to 38.9 million in 2030, an average annual growth rate of 2.5 percent.

fargo jet center, inc. — adds a Bombardier Learjet 60 jet to its fleet of charter aircraft.

flightsafety foundation — embraces recommendations to form a Multidisciplinary Task Force of legal experts from the aviation industry, law enforcement, judicial authorities, and the public to achieve “a balanced approach that is supportive of blameless reporting and sharing of critical aviation safety information, and the proper administration of justice.” The Foundation also called upon governments worldwide to begin pooling resources, expertise, training, and authority better, and to form multi-national, independent air accident investigation boards.

florida senate bill 1500 — amendment is withdrawn following lobbying efforts by NATA and the Florida Aviation Trades Association. The amendment sought to control the price of fuel at fixed base operators if they are the sole contractor at a public-use airport. It also would have prohibited storage, landing, or departure fees on aircraft located on public-use airport property for less than 90 minutes. SB 1500 was passed by the Florida Senate Transportation Committee, giving commercial airlines a tax break if they buy their fuel in Tallahassee, an incentive to get more commercial flights.

hai — Helicopter Association International releases an online aviation wire strike safety awareness video, “Surviving the Wires Environment”;

Halifax Int’l Airport Authority— announces that Porter Airlines will add a non-stop Montréal route, with connecting flights to St. John’s via Halifax.

hangar bay — of Ottumwa, IA offers Cessna replacement aircraft interiors, offering seat cushions, side panels, carpets; etc.;

hawker beechcraft corp. — of Wichita, KS appoints Hawker Pacific Singapore as the first authorized service center (ASC) in Southeast Asia for its Hawker 4000.

iata — International Air Transport Association halves its loss forecast for airlines in 2010 to US $2.8 billion (compared to the US $5.6 billion loss forecast in December 2009).

jda aviation technology solutions — of Bethesda, MD announces that Paradigm Helicopters, a Houston, TX-based Helicopter Flight and Tour operator, has contracted with JDA for 135 Pro certification support. Program is designed to simplify the process and lower costs associated with obtaining a Part 135 certificate.

jetbird — a European air taxi operator, cancels its agreement with Embraer to buy 50 Phenom 100 very light jets, after failing to raise additional financing to get the business launched. The companies are reportedly negotiating a new contract with a new delivery schedule.

jetblue — announces it will keep its headquarters in New York City, rejecting a proposal to relocate to Orlando.

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