Techbytes June '10

Digital Signage

• Video Wall System. Planar’s Clarity Matrix Video Wall System was developed to specifically address the challenges faced by all video wall installations: mounting and alignment, reliability and extended operation, service and maintenance access, and effective image processing and management. Once cabled together, a start-up utility allows the LCD modules to automatically discover their position in the wall, and display the position within the wall on the front of the panel itself. The discovery process reduces the complexity of configuration and is designed to be highly flexible in terms of physical cabling schemes, according to the company;


• Solar Air Heating. The SolarWall system, by Conserval Engineering, delivers fast solar energy payback by heating the ventilation air required in commercial and industrial buildings. Independent monitoring data indicates that SolarWall systems can displace between 20-50 percent of heating fuel consumption, depending on size and application. Used in hangar construction, and in other commercial applications, SolarWall technology has a 30-plus year lifespan and requires no maintenance; systems are available in a variety of colors and profiles;

GIS Consulting

• Digital Mapping. GEO-Jobe GIS (geographic information system) Consulting implements successful GIS and GPS mapping applications for local and state governments, airports, and aviation firms. Geo-Jobe GIS is in the process of implementing an ESRI ArcGIS Server application at the Gulfport-Biloxi International Airport. The GIS implementation is being done as part of the airport’s Noise Land Inventory and Reuse Plan program. The project will involve building a custom ArcGIS Veiwer that can be used to assist airport staff in managing acquired noise properties and other facilities. The long-term goal of the GIS project will be to migrate all of the airport’s mapping into a single (editable) electronic Airport Layout Plan (ALP);


• Biometric Technology. Cogent System’s Search-Gate is a state-of-the-art biometric access control device supporting a wide variety of installations, says the company. Search-Gate is powered by Cogent’s SecurASIC chip, and matching algorithm as determined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. The system stores up to 1,200 fingerprint templates and is capable of searching all templates at a rate of 500 per second;

• Vendor Control. Mobilisa offers the IM3000 Visitor/ Vendor Control Station, a system designed to process visitors and vendors. The system prepopulates fields, takes photos, runs instant background checks, prints badges, and allows users to control visitor or vendor access by date, time, location, or FPCON. Defense ID handhelds link to the IM3000 database and display registration photos when ID cards are scanned. The IM3000 Secure Web-Services option allows visitors to preregister with the sponsor via a secure, online process speeding registration;

• Identity Verification. The Hirsch Verification Station is designed to FIPS 201 standards to perform a variety of verification and authentication functions including: access control, identity confirmation, biometric fingerprint reading, and identification card reading. The system features the ScramblePad, a high security approach to access because the digits are randomly scrambled each time the START button is pressed, preventing bystanders from acquiring a previous user’s access code;

• Breach Control. The Eagle Breach Control Portals, by Eagle Security Group, are designed to function as a stand-alone system that prevents the passing of persons or dangerous/ prohibited items into the secured area of a terminal from the non-secured areas. According to the company, the return on investment for incorporating a breach control portal can be realized by the reassignment of guards to more cost effective responsibilities, a reduction in insurance premiums, and a low-cost or leasing model of ownership;

• Automated Response. AlertAction, from AlertEnterprise, combines risk analysis, continuous monitoring, geo-spatial scene analysis, fraud detection, and real-time remedial action scripts to deliver visual command and control application for unfolding incidents, says the company. AlertAction can deliver information to situation managers in security as well as operation roles via configurable dashboards that include risk, compliance, and incident information. Geo-spacial capabilities automatically pin-point the location of the incident and deliver drill-down capability for optimum response;

• Explosives Detection. Reveal’s CT-80DR utilizes Dual Energy Computed Tomography (CT) architecture enabling full-size checked baggage to be inspected in the smallest possible footprint. Full multiplexing enables the system to send suspect bag images to remote screeners to minimize labor requirements. With a footprint similar to a carry-on baggage X-ray system and the ability to run from single phase power, the CT-80DR is ideal for facility protection and other applications where other systems cannot be deployed due to size and cost constraints;