Tech Bytes

Aircraft Surveillance

• Separation of Approach. Sensis Corporation’s Wide Area Multilateration (WAM) deployment at Juneau International Airport has achieved Initial Operating Capability (IOC) from FAA. The Juneau WAM system uses multilateration to provide controllers at the Anchorage Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC) with high accuracy, high availability surveillance of aircraft and helicopters, enabling ATC-provided radar separation and traffic advisory services to pilots operating in the Juneau airspace. The WAM system also provides a source of surveillance data for Traffic Information Services-Broadcast (TIS-B) being launched in Southeast Alaska by the FAA Surveillance and Broadcast Services (SBS) ADS-B Program;

Equipment Protection

• Lightning Protection. Alset teaming up with system integration company Stutler Technologies Corp. to resell and install Alset Lightning Shield technology. Alset’s Lightning Shield protects telecommunications and other electronic equipment installed at airports from the harmful ground currents caused by nearby lightning strikes. Stutler Technologies will install and service Lightning Shield, primarily focusing on companies seeking to protect their RF, telephony, and networking equipment and quality of service in rural areas;

Reservation Technology

• Reservation Automation. Aviation industry corporate travel management company Global Crew Logistics (GCL) has announced the launch of its new web-based hotel reservations tool HotelTrakTM, and its new customer Signature Flight Support. Signature has completed the rollout of the HotelTrak to its 58 U.S.-based FBOs and has begun implementing the system throughout its network of international FBOs.Previously, each Signature FBO handled the hotel bookings manually and negotiated hotel discounts locally;

Safety Management

• Swipe-card System. atg airports has developed a unique swipe-card system to provide advanced levels of aircraft safety management on airside stands throughout Manchester Airport. Designed and developed in-house in conjunction with Manchester Airport, the safety interlock units are now installed at the head of a number of aircraft stands at Manchester. Working in unison with atg airports’ Visual Docking Guidance Control System (VDGS), they help overcome any risk of collision with ground handling equipment or a boarding bridge when aircraft are parking. Interfacing with the existing Building Management System used as part of the Fixed Electrical Ground Power installation, the new swipe-card units are activated by ground handling agents who carry out an inspection for any obstructions on the stand prior to arrival of the aircraft;


• Explosives Detection. Morpho Detection, Inc. announces the CTX 5800, its next-generation, compact design, high-performance CTX explosives detection system (EDS). The CTX 5800 combines imaging and data collection in a smaller and lighter solution. Designed to assist small- and mid-sized airports take advantage of computed tomography (CT) technology, the CTX 5800 helps airports maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of their checked bag screening operations, while planning for evolving threats and future expansion, according to the company;

Web solutions

• Wi-Fi Arrays. Wi-Fi provider Xirrus has deployed its high performance 802.11n Wi-Fi Arrays across the Asheville Regional Airport facilities in Asheville, North Carolina. The 163-acre complex consists of a terminal area with air carrier facilities, rental car facilities, maintenance facilities, two fixed base operators and a department of public safety. Deploying Xirrus Wi-Fi Arrays gives the airport the ability to handle the coverage and density requirements necessary for the constant flow of passengers and to support the needs of the daily operations of the facilities, says the company;

• Website Launch. Associated Air Center (AAC) announces that it has launched a new website at to better serve the needs of the transport-category completions market. Among key upgrades to the site are additions of an AAC People section as well as enhanced certification capabilities and maintenance sections. The Certification section lists AAC’s certification capabilities, including its most recent FAA Organization Designation Authorization (ODA) which allows the company to certify repairs and modifications on behalf of the FAA;

• Website Redesign. The Helicopter Association International (HAI) announces the launch of its redesigned website at or Users will find the new site has a cleaner look; and is easier to navigate, search, and retrieve information. In addition, the international visitor can now utilize translation software offering more than 50 different languages. With the addition of a “Members Only” section, members can submit press releases for distribution in RotorNews, access market newsletters and the current issue of ROTOR magazine, and request the HAI logo or wallpaper.