Harnessing the digital revolution

As digital technology evolves, the air transport industry is working to adopt and integrate the latest in IT and communications in an effort to drive out unnecessary costs, enhance the passenger experience, and improve operational efficiency.

“The travelers of tomorrow will demand higher levels of control, comfort, security, and personalization from the travel experience,” says Nessi.

SITA’s Mobile Workforce Solution

The air transport industry is characterized by a constantly mobile workforce and a complex, dynamic workflow model, requiring workers to access and act on real-time information, according to SITA, IT and communications specialists for the air transport industry. SITA’s Mobile Workforce solution enables airlines, airports, and all airport-based service providers to cost-effectively mobilize their business practices, says the company.

In partnership with Motorola Inc, a provider of mobile/wireless technologies, SITA offers the air transport industry a solution incorporating mobile devices in a managed services business model. SITA’s Mobile Workforce solution pairs middleware components and wireless connectivity with Motorola handheld devices, and can enable duty managers to perform up to five aircraft turnarounds simultaneously.

Says SITA’s Sebastien Fabre, “Right now people on the tarmac don’t have access to back-end data, and they cannot make certain decisions, or they cannot get organized to address what’s happening or to be more efficient.

“As soon as you provide them with a mobile device, you can start interacting with them; they can be better informed so they can better manage issues and allocate tasks based on where available people are.

“With the Mobile Workforce solution, the system knows when operators are done with tasks, then you can allocate tasks to people who are who are nearest to the task that needs to be performed. You can be much better at managing your team and your workforce by more efficiently allocating tasks, organizing people, and optimizing operations.”

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