FlightStats connects airports with passengers; enhances customer service

With regard to updating data in real-time, McLaughlin says, “We can get the airport 99 percent of the way, but occasionally in real-time, the airport might actually know more.

“If airline information is incorrect and the airport knows that, the airport can get into the system and manually adjust gate schedules, and that will inform the 40 million visits on my site, all of google, and the airport’s website, and instantly update the system.

“The goal is to identify all the kinds of information that all of the airport stakeholders and tenants have to get out into the world, and we’ve built up this system to acknowledge that.”

Airport Portal also allows authorized staff to update a variety of airport facility information, including gate mapping and services and amenities databases, and contact information as well as additional details about the airport.

TripTalk Messaging

FlightStats Airport Portal incorporates a new messaging platform from Conducive Technology called TripTalk. TripTalk allows airports to publish messages to either specific or broadly targeted audiences. For example, airports can publish construction advisory messages and target everyone who is checking flights or carrying an itinerary for a specified time range.

Additional features include:

  • Publish Parking Lot Availability and Security Wait Times;
  • Publish Construction, Parking, and other Advisories;
  • Messages can be Targeted to Specific Travelers Based on Departure, Arrival, or Connection through the Airport; Date and Time; Airline, Flight Number, Flight Status; Connecting Times; Terminal or Gate;
  • Messages Published to Entire FlightStats Network.

Says McLaughlin, “An airport can choose to have messages published to an airport’s Twitter and Facebook pages; and if the airport website and FIDS are powered by FlightStats data, the messages can display there as well.

“It’s a great partnership between FlightStats and airports. We already have all of the distribution channels; we want to help airports get the right information out there with a minimum amount of input by them.

“Airports should be able to put critical information in one place and have it go everywhere it needs to in an intelligent way.”

For more information on Flightstats, contact airportbiz@flightstats.com.

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