A focus on recovery

Sacramento International delivers a standard for disaster management

Ultimately, comments Varwig, “Our approach is in developing a cohesive concept of operations. The key to these types of operations is smooth and cohesive communications.

“If there’s a lesson to be learned from New Orleans, it’s that your phones aren’t going to work; your cell phones aren’t going to work; you’re not going to have available local Internet; and computers aren’t going to come back on right away.

“Developing a very good communications plan, and then exercising that plan is key. Putting a plan on a shelf doesn’t do any good; it has to be looked at and exercised on a regular basis several times a year.”

This kind of comprehensive planning project, remarks Varwig, is an undertaking; it’s not inexpensive and it’s very manpower intensive.

Looking forward, Benaman says Faith Group hasn’t been contracted to do this yet, “But we’ve encouraged the airport to plan for coming back to Sacramento International. How to demobilize the Mather operation and start back up at Sacramento — that’s another operational planner in and of itself.

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