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Airport parking • Contactless Payment: McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas and MasterCard Worldwide announce that the airport now accepts MasterCard PayPass contactless payments in its major parking lots. The implementation will allow...

• Cargo Screening: Smiths Detection announces that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has added ten HI-SCAN X-ray systems to its Air Cargo Screening Qualified Technology List (ACSQTL), taking Smiths Detection’s total of approved X-ray solutions to 16. Ranging in sizes from large to small including single, dual, and multi-view imagers, the screening systems enable air cargo businesses to scan air cargo threats rapidly and accurately, says the company;


• Education Website: The new Aging General Aviation Education and Training website provides a single, stable access point to type-specific aging general aviation maintenance information. The site includes recommended continued education and training curricula for owners, pilots, airframe and powerplant mechanics, avionics technicians, structural designated engineering representatives (DER), airframe aviation safety engineers (ASE), systems/equipment DERs, systems ASEs, and aviation safety inspectors;

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