Cak shows the way

Airports listen in on social media strategies at ACI-NA’s annual conference

Facebook is the center of CAK’s social media strategy,” remarks VanAuken. “We use it to amplify our core brand.”

To increase the airport’s Facebook fan base, Van Auken says it uses a lot of contests, special promotions with airlines, coupons, trivia, and other types of creative marketing initiatives.

And if someone posts something negative on the airport’s Facebook comment wall? VanAuken’s advice is to start dialoguing with the customer, and express that you want to help them solve their problem.

“Is there anything better for validating your brand than solving somebody’s problem in public?,” asks VanAuken.

Bringing it together

“It’s really important for us to bring it all under one brand presence,” explains VanAuken. “At Social CAK, customers get everything we’re doing, every social channel at one website portal, including an online chat with our CEO.

“Social media is very fragmented, with many different platforms; it can be hard to manage all those platforms. What we needed to do was bring it all together, and we wanted to do that with our branded presence on the Web/airport homepage [].

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