Aviation Industry Expo 2010: A Review

Walking the show floor at Aviation Industry Expo, there was a positive buzz as attendees viewed the latest GSE products and talked with exhibitors. The show, held in Las Vegas from March 16-18, showcased new products and hosted several events for attendees.

Attendance for the show this year was strong. “We are happy to report an increase in attendance at 2010’s Aviation Industry Expo,” said Sue Palmer, product manager, Aviation Industry Expo, in a release following the show. “Though just a slight increase from last year’s event, we’ll take it given the current economic conditions affecting the industry.

Several exhibitors reported a marked increase in business being done on the show floor, which indicates the industry is on the upswing.”

Green products were again a popular topic on the show floor. The Green Pavilion at the show was packed as companies showcased their environmentally friendly products.

The Ground Support Leaders of the Year awards reception was also a success —gathering many individuals in the industry to recognize this year’s recipients.
This issue recaps many of the show’s events. Also, if you were unable to attend the seminars or the reception, they are available to view online at www.groundsupportworldwide.com/video under the Aviation Industry Expo 2010 tab.

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