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Catering to the Operation

LSG Sky Chefs has welcomed two new catering trucks to its fleet to support the A380 operation. The trucks extend higher and offer more flexibility than other trucks in its fleet.

The company recently purchased two of the new models. The truck is 35 feet long and can extend upwards of 27 feet. It has a maximum payload of 10,000 pounds.

The new models, which were manufactured by Smith Transportation Equipment Inc. in Byhalia, Miss., offer an operational capability that is unrivaled by other trucks in the company’s fleet. The A380 trucks lift 8 feet higher than the company’s other wide-body trucks. And, importantly, the box of the truck can move forward 9 feet, enabling the truck to reach over the wing of the aircraft, according to Beth Van Duyne, senior director corporate communications at LSG Sky Chefs.

The new trucks offer access to the upper galley, which must be done above the wing. The new trucks offer a new flexibility by lifting up and then extending out and moving left, according to Van Duyne.

The company does anticipate purchasing additional vehicles in 2011, she says.

The truck has not yet been unveiled and a date has not yet been announced.