Airport Program Aims to Increase Efficiency

Is collaborative decision making the next big play in the reorganization of ground handling?

In Germany, Munich is certainly committed to the benefits of the system and its future development. After two years of A-CDM, performance paybacks are being reported at both airport and ATC level, although experience in 2009 demonstrated a need to further develop A-CDM during winter severe weather operations.

Dnata’s Moore concurs that A-CDM has to be worth exploring. “Ultimately, any sharing of operational information in a collaborative manner is positive,” he says. “Here in DXB over the next 10 years there will be extensive investment in airport facilities to match the growth of Emirates airline and flydubai. On the day, if we share pertinent operational issues such as resource levels, facility constraints, GSE issues, and overall airport passenger numbers, we can make more educated decisions.”

“The trick is to get the software to predict bottlenecks and areas of concern that may affect the success of the operation,” he continues. “The airline, airport company and ground handler need to be linked up at their hub, with the next potential step looking at collaboration with ATMs. Again this would help to maximize the use of all resources and ultimately provide a better customer experience.”

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