56 Years and Counting ...

COLUMBUS, OH — Founded in 1935 by Foster Lane, Lane Aviation is a full-service FBO with two locations here: Port Columbus International Airport (CMH) and Rickenbacker International Airport (LCK). According to marketing and charter director Mark...

Part of a network

In July, Paragon Aviation Group (PAG) announced the addition of Lane Aviation to its network of FBOs. PAG represents a group of independent FBOs with similar operating principles.

Comments Myers, “We are still very independent. The thing that we share with other Paragon members is the willingness and the desire to learn from each other.

“When you’re talking about best practices at an independent FBO, it’s very different than a chain. It’s more fluid and we are able to respond to our customers in a way that meets their needs immediately.

“The second benefit is to our based customers, who receive discounts at other Paragon facilities.

“It’s a way for independent FBOs to network and learn from each other — and play off each other’s strengths.”

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