ATEN Editor's Viewpoint: New Safety Supplement

Paging through this month’s Tool and Equipment supplement you will come across our Product Spotlight on diagnostic and test equipment, as well as featuring numerous Products of the Month. AMT regularly hears from our readers saying these highlights of aircraft maintenance products, tools, and equipment are always a hit.

Many times we are able to match article content with featured products. This is the case with a new book mentioned in our Product Spotlight simply titled, “Hardware Reference Book”. One of the technical articles in this month’s issue of AMT is titled, “Aircraft Fasteners” and describes several of today’s common use hardware types and application selection criteria. 

This month we are excited to announce something additional – a new safety -related supplement titled “IPAF: Elevating Safety”. IPAF's Elevating Safety, which is also published by Cygnus Business Media, is the official publication for the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF). Cygnus Editor Jenny Lescohier has assembled a great group of articles focused on aerial lifts and elevated work platform safety.

As any aircraft technician will certainly agree, aircraft maintenance requires us to either occasionally use, or regularly work from scaffolding or other elevated work platforms; it’s part of the job. Understanding safe practices, using proper equipment, and being properly trained are all part of working on elevated platforms. By including this supplement AMT readers can have added benefit from reading best practices and learning from others through IPAF's Elevating Safety. As an example, one of the articles featured in this issue is titled “Aerials and Aviation” and you will also find articles relating to elevated work platform training from the American Work Platform Training (AWPT).

Enjoy the new supplement, Ron