Techbytes Sept11


Accord Technology, LLC has been recognized by FAA as meeting all requirements defined in Advisory Circular 20-165 for the new NexNav mini GPS WAAS Class Beta-1. An ADS-B GPS source manufacturer, Accord Technology has gained this approval for all necessary minor software mods to be fully compliant with the new AC which was created to fill the “gap” requirements from the TSO-C145c. The FAA introduced AC 20-165 for ADS-B and included requirements that even the most advanced GPS sensor TSO did not meet. Accord Technology is the first meet the new standard;


An American Airlines 737-800 and another twin-aisle airplane are serving as the flight test component for FAA’s Continuous Lower Energy Emissions Noise (CLEEN) program — along with other technologies developed by Boeing and other industry partners. Together with the American Airlines engineering team, Boeing is finalizing plans for installing the initial technology applications aboard the first airplane. Specific technologies that will be flown in 2012 include: adaptable trailing edge technology which reduces noise and emissions during all phases of flight; variable area fan nozzle which reduces community noise and enables advanced engine efficiency technologies; flight trajectory optimization for in-flight planning enabling airlines fly more fuel-efficient routes and provides flight crews the ability to reroute for weather and other constraints; and regenerative fuel cells for onboard power;

FBO Fuel Price App announces the release of FBO Fuel Prices, its first iPhone application designed specifically for locating FBOs with the most competitive fuel prices. FBO Fuel Prices is launched by filling in either an airport identifier or the name of a city and state in the browser. The application will then ask for specific items from drop down lists, including criteria such as a nautical mile search radius, type of fuel sought, and how the information is to be sorted. Once these queries are satisfied, the system generates a map and a list of the area airports reporting fuel. Clicking on an airport icon will either display a link to the airport or telephone and/or e-mail contact information for an appropriate FBO where real-time fuel availability and cost information can be obtained;

Flight Planning System

The new release of Enflight 2011 features iPad support as a web app that includes GPS tracking, pinch and zoom gestures, and full-screen chart mode; both low and high enroute charts and street maps as well as sectionals, WACs, TACs, flyways, and approach plates; ability to view, download, print (on any color printer), or email any charted route, or chart area, using any of the chart types provided; ability to edit routes graphically by dragging or inserting waypoints directly on the chart, and optionally snapping to airports or VORs. This works on iPad as well as mouse-and-keyboard browsers; and the exclusive 'TAF Spiral', a clock that tells the forecast and current conditions, coded to personal minimums, and superimposed directly on a specific route;

Mobile Transformation

Mobile technology is set to transform both airline operations and the overall traveler experience, according to an industry report published by Amadeus, a travel technology partner and transaction processor. ‘The always-connected traveler: How mobile will transform the future of air travel’ is a global report that identifies changing traveler attitudes to airline mobile services while also highlighting the specific, emerging mobile technologies that will revolutionize each stage of the travel experience in the future. Among results, 16 percent of travelers surveyed currently use smartphones to book trips. The figure rises to 18 percent among the 18-35 age group and to 33 percent among frequent travelers. In addition, 3.4 per cent of all travelers use their mobile devices to check-in for a flight, with this figure rising to 7.4 percent in Asia;

Online Quoting Tool

Solairus Aviation has updated its web presence with an all-new online charter quoting tool. The new allows website visitors to construct charter trips utilizing aircraft options among Solairus' managed fleet as well as aircraft flown by the company's exclusive list of approved operators. Furthermore, the tool is designed to match the requested itineraries with charter aircraft categories that are appropriate for the desired flight, ensuring a more accurate and relevant price quote;

Router Solution

Air Wisconsin recently implemented the AvFinity Integrated Router Solution (AIRS) to manage Advance Passenger Information System (APIS) filings for international flights. AIRS is a multi-solution aviation data communication/data integration appliance designed for flight-critical messaging that was created and is marketed by AvFinity LLC. The patent-pending software technology that resides on AIRS powers AvFinity’s APIS Navigator. This AvFinity service, as well as services for flight plan filing, NOTAMs, weather, and Collaborative Decision Making are a few of the flight-critical solutions available to airlines with AIRS;

Slotdrain Software

GATIC announces the release of the Slotdrain ‘Hydraulic Design Software’ suite, which is available free of charge to U.S. construction industry professionals working on airport projects. Simple and intuitive, the software allows project engineers to quickly create surface drainage channel designs, based on the Gatic Slotdrain system, says the company. Comprehensive information can be provided for a project, including hydraulic datasheets, installation drawings (CAD and PDF files), system parts lists, specification clauses, and an option to design an on-site water storage facility using the slot drain system;

Terminal Planning, Logistics

AECOM Technology Corporation is working with Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) to integrate Esri’s ArcGIS Server with Microsoft’s SharePoint, Microsoft’s SQL Server, and Oracle’s Primavera to analyze spatial and temporal project information for the Coordination and Logistics Management (CALM) Program for LAWA’s Airport Development Group. The CALM program is made up of LAWA and AECOM staff, as well as several sub-consultants. Plans for future expansion of the LAX system include a scheduling application that would allow utility shutdown requests to be processed, approved and tracked spatially within SharePoint;