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Carol Giles retires, actively engaged defined, and more

Under the new definition, on meeting § 65.91(c)(1) through (4) requirements, refresher training attendance alone does not satisfy those requirements. In addition to AMTSociety’s IA renewal training, you must also comply with the “actively engaged” requirements in FAR 65.91(c)(1)-(4) to meet the requirements of IA renewal.

AMTSociety IA Renewal Consortium Program

Saturday, September 17, 2011, Crimson Technical College, Los Angeles (LLAX)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011, Del Mar College, Corpus Christi, TX (CRP)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011, NBAA, Las Vegas (LAS)

General Aviation Awards

Recipients of the 2011 National General Aviation Awards are Joseph “Joe” Morales (A&P, IA, CFI) of Lakewood, CO, AMT of the Year; Russell John “Russ” Callender, FAA repairman and pilot of Houlton, WI, Avionics Technician of the Year; Vicki Lynn Sherman, MCFI of DeLand, FL, FAASTeam Representative of the Year; and Judy Ann Phelps, MCFI-A of Santa Paula, CA, Certified Flight Instructor of the Year.

Since national FAA representation was noticeably absent because of the shutdown, a plan B for Wednesday evening’s awards presentation at Theater in the Woods was engineered. Valerie Palazzio, Great Lakes Region FAASTeam program manager, and JoAnne Hill, National General Aviation Awards Program Chairman, explained the Industry/FAA Awards program to an audience of approximately 3,000 AirVenture attendees. They outlined the nomination process and encouraged the audience to nominate worthy individuals in the four GA awards categories. They also explained that the program’s expenses and the gifts for the four national winners are provided by the industry’s program supportsers/donors.

In lieu of FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt, four previous national award winners, one in each categoty, were recruited to present each 2011 winner with his or her plaque. As 2003 National AMT of the Year, Tom Hendershot presented the plaque to Joe Morales. Al Ingle, 2003 National Avionics Technician of the Year presented to Russ Callender.

The GA Awards Committee hosted a luncheon on Thursday July 23 at EAA that was attended by 65 people. The award recipients received gifts from the industry, including monogrammed jackets from AMTSociety.

International corporate sponsor

Welcome to David Van Den Langenbergh, airworthiness manager for ABELAG Premier Private Jet Services located at the Brussels National Airport, Zaventem, Belgium.

He communicated to Tom Hendershot saying, “Our maintenance department is 95 percent focused on in-house maintenance of the ABELAG fleet. Of course we do support those that are in need on our apron. Since we are the only business jet operator and FBO at the Brussels Airport, we provide AOG support, etc.

“We can share a lot of experience on EASA Part 145 and Part 66 maintenance aspects. Running a Part 145 department in Europe can be a challenge.

“I’m not looking for exposure as a company, just think it is important to be part of the worldwide aviation family.”

Very well stated David, and on behalf of AMTSociety board of directors, we welcome you.

AMTSociety annual golf outing

Please sign up for the annual AMTSociety Scholarship Golf Outing at the Rio Secco Golf Course in Las Vegas, NV, on Sunday, Oct. 9, 2011. There are some really great awards, and you’ll be sure to have a good time. Visit to register.

Carol E. Giles retirement

On Wednesday, July 20, 86 former coworkers and individuals from the industry gathered for dinner and a retirement program for a longtime friend and advocate of AMTSociety, Carol E. Giles. After 31 years of service to the FAA in many job assignments, and the last three years as the division manager of the Aircraft Maintenance Division AFS-300 in the Flight Standard Service located in Washington, D.C., Carol has strongly committed to the AMTSociety Scholarship Golf Outing and also the Maintenance Skills Competition in Las Vegas. Thank you for all you have done for the mechanics in the diversified areas Carol, and happy days n your retirement. We will surely miss you.

Thank you all very much for your involvement in AMTSociety.

Stay safe

Tom Hendershot

Scholarship fund donation

Attached is a letter from one of our members where he makes a donation to the Charles E. Taylor Scholarship Fund and tells us about his great friend. This is one way to help us pursue our goal for the education of people in the aviation maintenance/avionics areas.

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