FLL Gets an In-Line Makeover

G&T Conveyor Company, based in Tavares, FL, is the only privately held American-owned and operated baggage handling solutions company in the U.S. Specializing in sortation and in-line EDS (explosives detection system) integration, G&T engineers...

Says Ineichen, “Terminal 1 is an operating terminal, so there was only a short period of time each day when there was no activity going on; that’s when we had full access. In that tight time frame, we had to be precise and efficient while performing the work.”

The system was installed, certified, and activated in a 20-month period.

Throughput, lifecycle

The system was divided into the east and west side of the terminal; each side has four L-3 6600 explosives detection machines, and each machine can process 450 bags per hour. With improved system capacity, the result will be smoother baggage flows and an enhanced passenger experience, relates Ineichen.

Currently during peak hours, the airport is processing 1,300 to 1,800 bags per hour on each side of the terminal.

“Everything in a tracked zone is VFD (variable frequency drive) controlled, which allows for an increase in speeds; this allows for flexibility,” says Ineichen.

With regard to system lifecycle, “We have seen some of our systems last as long as 25 years,” he relates. “That all depends on how the maintenance is being performed; if recommendations are followed and the system is maintained well, it can last 20 years easily.”

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