Work Force Skill Development

Third-party credentials help bridge predicted hiring gap

While training new workers is in the interest of the entire industry, it is a difficult effort to undertake alone. So, while it is not common for competing companies to work together toward a common goal, that is what is required to meet this challenge. Of course, airlines, MROs, and manufacturers will provide training to their new hires regardless; however, they will hire those with more training and experience before those with less.

Third-party certifications supported and influenced by the aviation industry as a whole, can provide enough specialized training to allow the employer to focus on the training specific to their needs. Collaboration among competitors will be vital.


John Gamble is an education and business partnership manager with Snap-on Industrial, focusing on the aviation and aerospace sector. He can be reached at New certifications pertinent to aviation soon to be offered by Snap-on include Tool Control/Asset Management, FOD, Precision Hole Drilling and Hole Preparation, as well as Precision Measurement. You can learn more about current Snap-on education programs at

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