How to Select Aircraft Maintenance Technicians

AMT speaks with Jet Professionals on current hiring trends for aircraft maintenance technicians.

Looking for a new job or a change in career direction? Are you in need of hiring the right people for your organization? Where to begin? To learn more on the latest hiring practices, trends, and what skills potential employers are seeking in today’s aircraft maintenance technician, AMT spoke with Bryan Maloney with Jet Professionals.

AMT: Hello Bryan. First tell me about Jet Professionals.

JP: Jet Professionals, a wholly owned subsidiary of Jet Aviation, a General Dynamics company, was founded in 1983 in the U.S. and is a respected industry leader in global business aviation staffing services. In 2008 the company expanded its services and created Jet Professionals Technical. We also expanded services to Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), the Asia markets, and opened an office in Basel, Switzerland.

AMT: Which segments of aviation does your company primarily work with?

JP: Our business model was built on the premise that we would focus on corporate aircraft Part 91 flight departments, and related service centers, MROs, and OEMs.

AMT: Do you work for or represent the employer or the perspective employee?

JP: We do both. We offer an assessment that measures behavior and motivation in a real environment. Both the employer and candidate participate in this assessment. This measure is proven and has been extremely successful in JP placing qualified individuals.

AMT: When a corporate flight department approaches your company looking to hire technicians, how do you begin your selection?

JP: The hiring manager completes an assessment. The assessment provides objective information about the behavioral demands of the job. JP has candidates take a similar assessment to find particular attributes that would be a match to the hiring manager’s assessment. We begin sourcing for a particular position using our database along with aviation web sites and network within the aviation community. When necessary, JP often posts to NBAA and various search engines. After identifying potential candidates, we try, when we can, to meet candidates face to face, and complete a portfolio including the interview summary, resume, and assessment.

If possible, we may visit the client to share the top candidates with them. Once the client has a chance to review the portfolios, usually phone interviews occur. The next step is to bring candidates to the client for a face-to-face interview and JP assists with setting up interviews. Once a hiring decision is made, JP does the background checks, which include criminal, employment, education, credit, driving record, and references, and a start date is determined.

AMT: Is the process similar when sourcing technicians for say an OEM or an MRO?

JP: It depends on the requirements set forth by the client. A majority of the OEMs and some MROs turn to us to provide them with temporary contract employees, or temp-to-perm. This makes great sense especially in today’s economy and allows the technician to see if this environment is right for him or her and it allows the client to basically try before you buy. It also allows the client to keep their overhead contained, and adding temporary labor allows the client to fluctuate his work flow based on the current demand.

AMT: Does your company also source and place aircraft maintenance supervisors and managers?

JP: Yes, Jet Professionals has been very successful at sourcing and placing aircraft management into organizations on all levels whether it be a confidential search or something we could post on our web site.

AMT: What about technicians with specialized skills, NDT, inspection, QA, composites, avionics?

JP: Jet Professionals prides itself on being able to successfully source and staff on all levels and disciplines within our industry.

AMT: And the requirement to hold an Inspection Authorization?

JP: Some of our clients have asked us for A&Ps who have their I/A.

AMT: Within the corporate aircraft segment which areas do you currently see hiring more technicians; corporate flight departments, service centers and MROs, or OEMs?

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