Transitioning From a Technical to a Management Role

What you really need to know and accomplish before making the move

Churches, amateur sports, development organizations like the Boy Scouts, environmental groups, and part-time jobs in the hospitality and retail sectors will give you many opportunities to gain management experience and develop your soft skills.

Reasons, risks, and rewards

Transitioning to a management position can be a challenge for many AMTs. Anguish, fear, and failure wait for the unprepared. For those with the proper training, education, and determination, the success rate is much greater. Taking a position in management can address your need to do more or be more. You can take the position for a higher purpose like wanting to make a larger contribution, helping others succeed, being part of the decision-making group, helping the company be more effective, influencing the direction the company grows, or providing better products and services to the customers.

Regardless of when or why you make the move, be assured it will be because of your work ethics and commitment to your team, company, and customers. Working in a management position will be a rewarding experience and it will give you the chance to one day give another qualified AMT the same opportunity.


Field Editor Charles Chandler has a Masters of Science Degree in Adult and Occupational Education with a major in Human Resources Development. He began his aviation career as a junior mechanic for American Airlines and retired after 27 years of service. After leaving American he held both line and staff positions in six other major companies. His positions with those companies included curriculum development specialist, manager and director for organizational development, management and leadership development, and maintenance training operations departments.

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