Jazz Plays a GSE Gambit

Jazz Aviation LP (“Jazz”) rose from the merger of four regional carriers in Canada in 2002. Its diverse business model includes three primary pillars: acting as a regional carrier for Air Canada, providing independent charters and services, and most...

Telemetry Initiative

The company is looking to take tracking of equipment one step further. Wells says they are working on a business plan to implement GPS tracking on some of the equipment to gather useful data on usage patterns as well as reduce fuel and maintenance costs. “This also aligns with our goal to reduce our carbon footprint and get a feel for how much equipment you truly need,” he explains.

Jazz is demoing a tracking unit on a service vehicle in the system. Initial results have found that idling constituted 77 percent of the total engine run time. “If you can reduce that even by 25 percent, just think of the fuel and maintenance reduction,” he says.

When it comes to the cost of the system, he says the anticipated return is well worth the investment. “I think even with the costs, the projected savings on ground damage, productivity, fuel, and maintenance will outweigh that,” he says, adding that Jazz is hoping to begin utilizing the system in some stations by the end of the year.


Fleet Renewal Strategy

The new inventory system and GPS tracking initiative will serve as major components to the company’s overall fleet renewal strategy, according to Wells. The general scheme currently in motion for replacing equipment is every ten years for a service vehicle, and every 15 years for a GSE unit. “We’re replacing 20 or so pieces of equipment a year,” he says.

However, Wells notes that the new initiatives in play will help to more accurately record a unit’s viability within a fleet. “We realize that age alone doesn’t dictate replacement,” he says, adding that the new programs will also help to decide the need for additional equipment at locations.

Both the maintenance and GPS tracking initiatives will help Jazz keep a handle on its equipment. As the company continues to diversify by pursuing new lines of business, such programs will no doubt be paramount in ensuring the right equipment is in place when needed to keep the planes ready to fly.

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