Asian Transport Infrastructure

As the economy in Asia continues to grow, the need to create better transport infrastructure becomes ever more pressing, particularly in urban centres such as Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou. In the aviation sector ambitious plans are already in...

Air travel is not independent from ‘on-ground’ mobility. The fastest and most convenient journey in the air can be negated if reaching the airport is problematic.

Airports today should not exist in isolation within an urban environment. The new airports that are built in Asia need to be easily accessible and better integrated into the wider travel experience, which inevitably starts when traveling to the airport and most likely finishes when the passenger leaves the airport at the other end to go to their final destination point.

An intelligent transport system that links the various means of travel will drive greater customer satisfaction and in some cases further economic and environmental benefits.

With rail and road infrastructure already under construction, the aviation industry needs to follow suit sooner rather than later to keep pace with accelerating growth.

Resolving the central issues will be vital in helping to define the overall strategy and to build a realistic timeline that can be followed which outlines how quickly the domestic, pan-Asian, and international air transportation networks that the region now needs can be built.

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