AMTSociety Mx Logs Update

State of AMTSociety Address

Maintenance safety requires training/recurrent training. Although you may have been working in the aviation industry for a number of years, perhaps for the same company and even on familiar equipment, situations may arise where changes have occurred to company policy, procedures, or modifications have been implemented to equipment and/or systems, and/or there have been additions to the fleet with similar equipment. All too often we rely on our past knowledge and experience, unblemished record, or peer pressure and then continue on with business as usual.

Instead maybe we should say “I don’t know,” stop, and get help or get training. This may be a good time to take a moment and evaluate the entire situation/program to see if indeed you do meet the training requirements needed to accomplish the task at hand. In fact, any time you start a new task, stop and ask yourself that very question. Don’t let ego or peer pressure get in the way of safety.

Spartan tool presentation

Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology hosted the presentation of the Snap-on toolbox and tools to the college on Thursday June 2, 2011. The tools and toolbox worth more than $5,000 were offered as part of AMTSociety’s scholarship toolbox raffle won by Michael A. Molzahn, an alumnus of Spartan. When Molzahn won, he said he would donate the tools and toolbox to Spartan and contact the school to get a list of what the school needed. When Snap-on was notified of what Molzahn intended to do with his prize, the company added another $1,000 worth of special tools for the school. On hand at the presentation was Malcolm Tracy, account manager, Snap-on Tools; Damon R. Bowling, vice president, marketing/admissions, Spartan; Ron Worthington, vice president, student services (also the organizer of the program); Michael A. Molzahn; and Tom Hendershot.

Upon completion of the presentation, a special program was conducted in the cafeteria for the entire student body for the purpose of explaining the workings of an AMTSociety school chapter; releasing information about team requirements for the 2012 Maintenance Skills Competition in Las Vegas; the three formal scholarship programs available; and the Snap-on screwdriver for new members.

I hope that you and your family enjoy a very nice summer. Be safe.

— Tom Hendershot