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Airports have a high-density traffic flow that’s concentrated through a series of bottlenecks against a background of constant time pressure and security checks, creating what could be one of the most stressful experiences enjoyed on a routine daily...

Wide range of sizes. Using a modular system naturally limits the design options to the number of sizes offered by a particular system. Choosing a system with a wide range of sizes will reduce the chance of your system being rejected by the customer or designer. It’s advantageous to use a single product line per project. Look for a comprehensive system that can cover signs from the parking lot to the boarding gates.

Braille compatibility. There are a number of technologies available today to create compliant Braille signage, each with its own special features and price. It’s imperative that the system is compatible with as many Braille/ADA/DDA signage methods as possible, in order to maintain both cost effectiveness and versatility when competing on projects.

Service and support. Pay special attention to the level of service received in the early stages. Talk to colleagues to get their opinions and impressions and ask about their experiences with the products. Check to see what fabrication services are offered by the vendor. Sometimes, it will prove cost-effective to have some of the fabrication done by the vendor. Also, check the delivery times; it’s important to work with a vendor that can deliver as quoted.

Price. The best system does not necessarily have to be the most expensive one. Shop around and remember to compare the amount of work involved in the fabrication, which can ultimately translate into expensive labor dollars.


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Rod Wheeler

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Wheeler has been involved with brand development and implementation, website and graphic design, and strategic consulting, including business plan & sales strategy development. In 2007, the company implemented Delta Air Lines’ global rebrand into 122 cities.

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Danny Schneider

Director of Business Development for Vista System International

Schneider is an active member of the sign industry and a ‘green’ enthusiast. Internally, Schneider is working closely with Vista System supply chain members to design and manufacture a durable, recyclable, and reusable modular sign system.

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