Best Practices When Handling Oxygen Booster Pumps

The importance of safely handling pure oxygen under pressure when using oxygen booster pumps

Maintenance should only be undertaken by qualified, trained personnel, and in strict compliance with the manufacturer’s instructions. A booster should be inspected regularly in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations, especially after periods of nonuse. If after conducting your inspection you believe that your equipment may have been compromised with suspect components or suboptimal operational or maintenance practices, return it to the manufacturer for a complete inspection and cleaning.

Some manufacturers offer a recertification process where the unit is inspected and renewed with a one-year warranty. A manufacturer inspection is strongly recommended for any booster that has been in service for two years or longer since its last factory quality assurance test.


For more information concerning oxygen boosters for aviation, contact Interface Devices Inc., at (800) 539-0193 or For more information on specific SAE Aircraft Oxygen Equipment Specifications, visit For more information concerning specific Oxygen System Recommended Practices and Materials, contact National Fire Protection Association at

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