Maintenance Software

Aircraft Maintenance Systems RD Inc.

AMS software covers all maintenance activity and parts tracking needed for aircraft operators, MROs, and manufacturers. It eliminates paper and storage concerns. All solutions are developed to meet current TC, FAA, and EASA regulations. AMS improves and standardizes your processes. Service after sales support is available 24/7. For more information call (888) 471-0252 or visit

Aircraft Technical Publishers

The ATP Navigator online service, launched in April, represents a milestone for aviation maintenance by providing next-generation, online access to both regulatory and OEM technical publications, including airframe, engine, propeller, and selected avionics. As a subscriber, you have access to ATP’s experienced Customer Care staff. For more information call (800) 227-4610 or visit


Avantext offers Airworthiness Directives Library and TechPubs Maintenance Libraries. The data ensures compliance and simplifies inspections. Sentinel is set to launch July 1. Content is updated daily, and all ADs, forms, and reports are organized by component or airframe in an easy-to-use software interface. For more information call (800) 998-8857 or visit

Avtrak LLC

GlobalNet provides real-time maintenance tracking for more than 4,500 aircraft worldwide. The system currently supports more than 180 different aircraft makes and models (fixed and rotor wing). E-Log electronic logbook archiving is a digitized version of your aircraft’s historical inspection and maintenance logs. Your logbook information is scanned into a PDF image and is OCR’d for searchable text, which then is available on Avtrak’s secure web site as well as a CD. Digital images are taken directly from the existing aircraft engine, propeller, and APU paper maintenance logbooks. GlobalWorks work order system is designed around the needs of Part 135 and 91 operations that have their own maintenance staff and perform all or some of their own maintenance. GlobalParts inventory control/purchase order system offers fully integrated inventory control and parts management to your operation with a centralized, secure web-based solution to your inventory management needs. For more information call (303) 745-5588 or visit

Component Control

Quantum Control is a fully integrated business software solution. It includes MRO, aircraft services, hangar management and manufacturing capabilities, contact management, distribution and rotable management, accounting, and E-commerce. It extends the supply chain using its built-in web services with Oracle API toolsets. Service and after sales support is available 24/7. For more information call (619) 696-5400 or visit


CORRIDOR consists of more than 25 separate but integrated modules making it customizable. It tracks all data from labor to inventory, and provides complete histories and reporting in real-time. Version 10 will be released in 2011. For more information visit www.

Horizon Business Concepts

TotalFBO offers a versatile, powerful, and complete Windows-based software to the aviation industry. The tight integration within TotalFBO puts an end to duplicated (and wasted) effort. Enter it once anywhere and it’s there for everyone to use. It gives you instant record-keeping throughout your organization, and it’s completely date-sensitive. It is backed by a lifetime warranty against defects. For more information call (800) 359-9804 or visit

Mxi Technologies

The Maintenix solution is a comprehensive software system. The Maintenix CE solution delivers an integrated, holistic approach to maintenance and engineering management. Mxi Services and Global Technical Support (GTS) provide complementary services, including: business consulting, implementation, integration, training, and 24x7 support. For more information call (613) 747-4698 or visit

Omega Airline Software

With Ames software you can maximize aircraft availability and use of maintenance resources. New products include web-based system and line/RON scheduling. It allows you to effectively plan maintenance and reduce the number of aircraft required. Full technical and business support is provided. For more information call (972) 775-3693 or visit

P2 Aviation Technology Inc.

TimeTrac’s airborne hardware automatically records flight times and requires no manual entry. It manages up to 100 planes and 1,000 components per plane, and records “flight time,” “air time” (TIS), as well as cycles. TimeTrac Pro 3.0 debuts in May 2011. Technical support and all minor software upgrades are provided at no additional cost. For more information call (888) 921-8359 or visit

Pentagon 2000 Software

Pentagon 2000SQL is an aerospace and defense MRO software that supports parts distribution and brokerage, repair and overhaul of complex equipment, logistics support and supply chain management, and heavy aircraft, depot level, and line maintenance. The Audit Trail module enables Pentagon administrators to designate mandatory fields within the system for a complete audit trail. Users will be prevented from saving documents without properly filling in required fields, assuring complete data capture. For more information call (800) 643-1806 or (212) 629-7521 or visit

QAV Aviation Systems

MX System provides maintenance component and document tracking, reliability analysis, maintenance program tasks, maintenance planning, flight log administration, aircraft status, flight scheduling, parts purchasing, sales, and inventory control. TX System is a tracking system for managing employee training history and requirements. Quick AD provides quick and easy access to AD information, FAR, TCDS, STC, and FAA forms, and is easily updated through web-based update service. For more information call (818) 729-9599 or visit


Concerto MRO Execution Management System is Realization’s system for running projects faster. Its patented synchronization engine makes sure that the required resources, inputs, and support are available when needed, even as uncertainties render the original plans obsolete. For more information visit

Rons Aviation Software

You can quickly make a logbook entry of maintenance performed with Logbook Entry Creator. It was designed to include instant access and easy insertion of your own frequently used logbook entries. A free 30-day trial is available. For more information visit

Smartware Group

Bigfoot Computerized Maintenance Management System’s (CMMS) full functionality paired with its intuitive design allows you to implement the solution and get results quickly. It includes: preventive maintenance, work orders, inventory, predictive maintenance, maintenance requests, and tool crib management. For more information visit or call (866) 858-7800.

Tdata Inc.

IApproach is a complete FAA regulatory library updated on a single CD or via Internet download. The new IA Basic subscription is delivered monthly via CD and includes ADs, TCs, SBs, FARs, ACs, STCs, and more. MTrax users can easily move existing items or add new items anywhere in the tracking list and can track inspection reference number for each item. It allows your records to be kept in-house, adds value to aircraft resale, and satisfies FAA recordkeeping requirements. Technical support and software upgrades are included for one year. For more information call (800) 783-2827 or (614) 885-1169, or visit


TRAX allows complete information to flow between company departments with a single point of entry for data. e4 is the latest version of TRAX. 24/7 customer support and regular software upgrades are available. For more information visit

WinWare Inc.

CribMaster inventory management system uses bar coding and RFID to tie tool crib or store room transactions to a system of inventory control. If a tool does go missing, this system dramatically reduces the search time to locate it. For more information call (888) 419-1399 or visit